Advices on PPC Adwords (Google Ads) Campaing Management

Time, time, time

                If you were to get an advice from a Realtor, you will come to a point where you will hear “location, location, location” meaning what it’s great about that deal. I´m not a Realtor, so you are not going to hear that from me, instead, since I have experience  in Google Adwords in can tell you “time, time, time”.  Cutting to the chase, what is great about Google Adwords can only be perceivable in time.

Many new advertisers, not familiar with Pay per Click Adwords think that this is a service from which you can obtain solid results in matter of hours or days.

Nothing more wrong than this assumption. Google Adwords, the most popular online platform to manage Pay per Click campaigns, is not the same as it was on its beginnings, when the advertiser could choose its ranking position directly by increasing or decreasing the bid amount.

Then we saw how the platform started to include new algorithms, to adjust bids related to the quality of the ad, landing page, and top ranking didn’t necessarily mean to pay for higher bids. Not to mention all dynamic features for content networks, demographic filters, and many more.

But this entire means, AdWords have become more complex and more target accurate at the same time. The platform now gives a full variety of options to define and refine the public we want to target through the keywords and ads.
In consequence, since the dynamism it gained, it´s almost impossible obtain desired results or expect to measure them in matter of days. This means, when we are thinking about AdWords PPC, we have to think in terms of 3 to 6 months to be able to extract results in order to re-develop our PPC strategy.

But behind all this new Adwords dynamic behavior, there´s a perfect logic on which Google bases its business. Google likes to establish long term relationship with its advertiser.

He wants to make sure that the advertiser it’s willing to take Adwords service seriously, not just as if you were going out on a one night stand with a girl. She wants marriage.
So, my advice to direct advertisers, or to Adwords Qualified Professionals or Agencies, is to make this clear to final clients. Let them know that outstanding results cannot be expected from one night to the next morning, not even in a week.

Make sure to explain that AdWords it’s a self-learning platform, which needs time to evaluate the keywords, ads, CTR, Quality Score and account history until it reaches the desirable level of performance.

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