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Paid Search vs. Organic Search

Ver versión en Español ¿Resultados pagos o resultados orgánicos?

Cutting to the chase, both.  Many business online persons keep on wondering where they should put their effort into, whether spend their online advertising budget on Pay per click, Pay per impressions, banners on third party websites, or spend that money on SEO (Search Engine Positioning) to gain natural positioning on major search engines.
My answer is: both, but knowing when exactly it’s necessary to use either one of the option is the key here. The best thing to do to cope with the challenge of finding out when and where to spend your budget is by running a good analysis. A good research should involve:

  1. Know first the sector from which you want to obtain traffic, leads and conversion. (Assuming, of course, that you already know want and have to offer).
  2. Carry on a detailed research to discover the keywords users are typing on search engines related to your products or services.
  3. Run them through search engines and verify your competition, but do not think about competition in terms of branding, think of it in terms “who will get the most clicks for every keyword and what part of that cake you want”.
  4. Now, carefully sort out the keywords with more competitors, that is, the ones harder to position against the easiest ones.
  5. Do the same for the paid results, recognize on what keywords you have less competitors, and in some cases (remember that for Google Adwords, higher bids does not necessarily means top rakings) you can find an exploited niches.
  6. Begin creating content site related for the keywords you most consider to be the ones that will best perform.

I know that the tasks mentioned above are a big load of consumed time if carried on manually. Fortunately, in few steps and just couple minutes you can have it all done with Matrix. This online platform will perform all of the above mentioned researches, telling you what keywords are worth to use on PPC and what opportunities and chances you have on those aimed to Organic positioning.
Matrix will not only analyze your site, but also will carry on a detailed research on your competitors and will tell you exactly what they are doing to keep their head above the floating line. Best of all, you will save time and money in the beginnings of making more money!





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